08/23/2009 1:19pm - Wow... I really update this often, lol. Made some small changes. Adding new photo links to the Photos section, check it out.

05/19/2008 8:44am - Finally updates to the site, I promise to update it more, even some new photos on 2006+ section! (My carpentry masterpiece) Let's add some news:

- Exhaust for G35S, sounds damn good (not as good as F430 w/tubi, but good)

- Passed Nikyu test (2nd brown), damn those Japanese Technique names to hell.

- New overclocking Article too, haven't updated it yet, but let's say 4x3500MHz rules. Clock Till You See Smoke Part - Q6600

- PS3 + GT5P + GTA4 rules!

- Wesley caught snake and shaked the living piss out of it (RIP).

- By the way, we have new forums: http://forum.fadainc.com/



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