The First Stage

Again at it, this time not a whole new machine, but mb, cpu, memory and graphics.

All this research made me decide on following components:

Antec P180 Case (3 x 120mm fan)
Antec Tricool 120mm & 80mm fan
Antec TruePower II 550W
Abit P35-Pro Rev 1.1
Intel Q6600 SLARC
2x2GB G.Skill DDR2 PC1000
2 x Hitachi K7T250 250GB Sata II (RAID0)
2 x Seagete 7200.10 320GB Sata II (RAID0)
Tuniq Tower 120
EVGA 8800GT SuperClocked
Pioneer 108 DVD-RW (old, to be replaced)
21" Samsung 215TW LCD
Black Microsoft Internet Keyboard (old, to be replaced)
Black Microsoft Optical Mouse (old, to be replaced)

This will be extremely interesting project since this is the first Intel Based effort in long time and the components should allow some serious clocking.

Since technology has changes so much and for now main goal is to see the CPU performance I think Super PI might be the best test for it - use 8M for more accuracy. I'll start gathering some comparable results. I'm also planning to use SisSoft Sandra 2005, 3DMark2003, 3DMark2005 and 3DMark2006.

Benchmarks for download: 

- Super PI modded
- SisSoft Sandra 2005

Here's some results.

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