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- 2001.5 VW Passat GLX
- 2.8L V6 30V - 193hp
- 7.3s 0-60mph
- 148mph
- More Details


Mercedes-Benz M-class cargo net - Pic
VW Beetle Sunglass holder - Pic
VW Stainless Steel License Plate Frames - Pic
VW Valve Stem Caps - Pic
Aluminum Antenna - Pic
 12V Mini Air Compressor - Pic
 Eibach Pro-Kit Suspension - Pic
 Blue Interior Light in Front (Hyper whites at back seat until I get blue), Checker's Auto Parts #211-2B & &194B - $4.22

Future Modifications:

30V or V6 (not with red 6) grill emblem
(got to find one, HELP!!!)
WetWorks Rear Spoiler
Wheels & Tires
Old and Some New Passats (Lowered and new wheels - PaintShop)


VW Vortex
Club B5


Wondering if I should get Specialized License plate for my Passat ($100), so let's have a vote:  

GEL-516 (0 Votes)
FADAINC (0 Votes)
JMN (1 Votes)
HAJOO (5 Votes)


1> There is actually 2nd sun visor behind the rearview mirror
2> Small button behind the steering wheel buttons on left side turns off the steering wheel Lights
3> Climatronic Diagnostic mode - Fan Speed Down, Cold,  Econ button pressed down simultaneously


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