Very interesting fact is that you have to actually change oil in your cars or engine power suffers also you can gain up to 100hp.

Current Cars:

Name (Handling 1-5) HP Drive Weight Turbo 0-400m 0-1000m Max Spd 
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IIV 4 594 4WD 1190kg Yes 10.690s 19.960s 222mph
Mitsubishi FTO LM Race Car 4 966 4WD 980kg Yes 9.437s 16.706s 243mph
Mitsubishi FTO GPR 4 308 FF 1150kg No  15.058s 26.066s
Altezza RS200 3 430 FR 1192kg Yes 12.847s 22.447s
Renault Clio Sport V6 24V 4 277 MR 1241kg No 13.569s 24.820s
Dodge Viper GTS 2 1110 FR 1301kg No 10.355s 17.675s 272mph
F686/M 5 973 MR 540kg Yes 8.982s 15.925s  
F090/S 5 725 MR 540kg No 9.222s 16.741s 210mph
Mazda RX8 3 281 FR 1200kg No 14.173s 25.565s  
RUF RGT (Porsche) 3 1099 RR 1130kg Yes 9.608s 16.699s 263mph
Toyota GT1 Road Car 3 1122 MR 900kg Yes 10.145s 16.933s 250mph
Vertigo Race Car 3 419 FR 803kg No 11.804s 20.803s  
Toyota Vitz RS 1.5 3 278 FF 874kg Yes 14.690s 25.732s
Tommy Kaira ZZII 543 4WD 1000kg Yes      
Opel Astra Tourin Car 454 FR 1000kg No      
Spoon S2000 444 FR 1100kg No
Acura RSX Type-S 200 FF 1249kg No
NSX Type R 516 MR 1045kg No
VW Beetle RSI 312 4WD 1075kg Yes      

Notice! Max speed is highest I've gotten these cars, if you change gear ratios you can achieve ever higher speeds.

F686/M Formula is not as "clued" into the road as F090/S, but it's more stable and handles better with used tires, and faster!


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